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dollfins1 wrote a comment on Teddy with a Goat
16 Apr 2017
I love it! He didn't eat the garbage afterwards did he?
dollfins1 wrote a comment on 3 Tire Riverwalk
16 Mar 2017
I've taken hundreds out of this river since I moved here. No idea where they're all coming from. Some of them are quite old.
25 Feb 2017
Yes! I'm loving the option to put multiple pictures. I did have a great day.

dollfins1's Teddys

River spot cleanup

I hit up my new spot again today. First time since I got eaten by chiggers. .Removed a big bag of recyclables Pulled 2 tires and removed one of them. Felt good to get back out there.
Posted: 4 years 5 months

Kayak Teddy 5/30/18

Removed 38 Recyclables, Styrofoam and a large plastic bag and had a nice snapping turtle in my yard. Sorry to overload you tonight but I'm on vacation this week and finally able to catch up. Peace out and Teddy on!
Posted: 5 years 9 months

Kayak Teddy 5/20/18

2 tires/47 recyclable removed And caught a Legendary Pokemon from the kayak.
Posted: 5 years 9 months

Kayak Teddy 5/14/18

Removed over 100 recyclables from the South River.
Posted: 5 years 9 months

Kayak Teddy 5/5/18

Removed 4 more tires and a few recyclables.
Posted: 5 years 9 months

Kayak Teddy 5/4/18

Removed 4 tires a bunch of recyclables and a duck decoy.
Posted: 5 years 9 months

Earth Day 2018 Teddy

Removed 4 tires, 2 plastic garbage cans, 1 plastic table and 150 recyclables from the South River and caught a Latios playing Pokemon Go from my kayak. #EARTHDAY
Posted: 5 years 9 months

Back Teddy 4/14/18

Picked up a large bag of recyclables at Gateway Recreational Area (Sandy Hook).
Posted: 5 years 9 months

Kayak Teddy 4/14/18

Removed 2 tires and 91 recyclables.
Posted: 5 years 10 months

Easter Fools Kayak

Went out for a while. Very productive. I landed the boat twice when I saw a lot of litter. Thankful I wore my Blundstone Muck Boots. Recovered 2 tires and 58 recyclables. Really hit it hard this weekend. Happy Easter Fools Day! 4/1/18
Posted: 5 years 11 months