The Theodores

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."


We promote a clean wilderness by picking up litter while we are out. We call this "doing a Teddy". Theodore Roosevelt inspired us to "do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

1. Pick up litter  2. Take a picture  3. Post a "Teddy"

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"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

--Theodore Roosevelt.

The Theodores is a grassroots organization connecting like-minded people around conservation projects and community building.

To be a part of this movement, simply go out and do a Teddy Clean-up (which is picking up trash where it should not be found).  It is simple to create a user account where your clean-ups will be tracked for location and estimated amount of trash.  You DO NOT NEED A FLAG to do a clean-up and post it.  If you love the flags and gear you should browse The Theodores Shop.  We really love it when people wear teddy gear, do Teddy clean-ups, and tell their friends and family about us!  On the map above you can click on the icons to see the photos and story of each completed Teddy Clean-up.  I encourage you to browse previous posted clean-ups.  See an empty spot on the map -- take or mail you Teddy Flag there!

Start small. If you see trash on your favorite walk or hike pick it up, plant your Teddy flag, and post a picture to our Facebook page or website It can be done individually or in a large groups.  For teachers see our Educational Materials page to get ideas for how to incorporate our message into the classroom. Or develop a lesson plans and share it with us...even better!  
Theodore Roosevelt was one of the greatest conservationalists of all times, putting 230 million acres of land into federal protection. Most of the National Forest in Idaho was created by Roosevelt. The Theodore’s ultimate goal is to continue Roosevelt’s legacy.
“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. He said it. We’re hearing the call. By doing what we can, we hope to not only fight the political apathy that has been plaguing our systems and minds, but to keep our wild places truly wild.
Now take the next step. Get Teddy Gear, put it on and do a clean-up. Bring a friend and tell them about The Theodores. It starts here and goes everywhere. Theodores unite!

Artwork By:  Austin Stiegemeier 

Many people have helped make The Theodores a reality.  Leejay Junker took this image and made it into a vector image for screen printing free of charge.  Ali Koski at Aha!Creative let us print for free in her shop and is constantly helping come up with cool ideas.  Kevin Mahoney started the big flag challenge at Post Falls High School with his 9th grade biology students.  The only way The Theodores grows is with support from others.  Thank you for supporting us.

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Personal Protective Equipment

When cleaning litter and trash, it is recommended that you take some steps to protect yourself from possible injury or infection. The Theodores recommend that you're as safe as possible while performing your Teddys.
Here are some recommendations for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • Gloves
  • Goggles/Glasses
  • Masks
  • Litter Picker/Claw

If while Teddying, you come across a material that may be considered hazardous, do not hesitate to contact your environmental governing body.

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