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We at The Theodores are working with and challenging teachers to develop lessons that will do several things . . .

Teach students the importance of activisms and conservation.

Do a Teddy Clean-up and document it on our site in the form of a blog or just simply submitting a Teddy.  We LOVE pictures of the classes and kids!

We would like at least one lesson plan for every age category.  Please tell teachers about us and teachers please help us build this resource.  We will publish as many open source materials here as we can to help you incorporate The Theodores into your lesson plans.  

If you have developed a lesson plan and would like to see it on the site please email us at teddyrtuesdays@gmail.com and we will be sure to put it up!

Open Source Materials

1. Teddy Patch

2. Teddy Flag For Print


Elementary School Lesson Plans 

1.  Sample weekly lesson plan 1st grade.


Jr. High Lesson Plans



High School Lesson Plans

1.  Post Falls High Mr. Mahoney 9th Grade Biology  - Result 2,000 pounds of trash cleaned up for large flag challenge.  Flag passed to Lake City High School.  



College/University Lesson Plans