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About Us

About The Theodores

We are a club trying our best to follow the advice of one of the most impactful conservationists Theodore Roosevelt.  He stated, "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."  We are trying to do exactly that!  We were started in North Idaho but we are looking to spread around the world.  Please join our movement to help with this goal!

Browse the website to see the many projects we are working on.  Our biggest is our Worldwide Clean-Up Project.  We are trying to get at least one (but hopefully hundreds or maybe even thousands), of documented Teddy Trash Clean-Ups  in every state and country.  Please join our movement by Creating A User Account and doing a Teddy or trash clean-up next time you are out of doors.  Creating an account will allow you to receive newletters and updates from The Theodores.  As well as have all your clean-ups tracked.  Maybe you will see your name on top of the leader board some day.  Although User: Landlocked Robert is going to be hard to catch with his daily Teddy Clean-Up Routine.  

A big portion of the solution to the worlds trash problem needs to be education. Supporting The Theodores allows us to get into classrooms and spread our message.  If you know a teacher or are a teacher please help us develop our Educational Materials page.  Visiting our Projects page will let you know about what other irons we have in the fire.  We love to be creative and partner.  If you feel you have an idea or project you would like to try please shoot us a message.  Going to our News page will allow you to see the latest blog posts, youtube videos, or articles in the press we are extremely proud of.  

Mostly we are a group that loves the outdoors and having fun.  We hope you like what we have put together.  Please join our movement!  Share us with your friends and family.  

We are very grassroots.  Below is a picture and video of Teddy Kiosk Number One found in Friends of CDA Trails Wallace, Idaho bike shop.  The hope is people will watch the video, grab a flag, address a letter, drop the letter in the kiosk to be mailed out.  Hopefully this will get many more teddy flags into circulation.  If you would like a small teddy package mailed to you please click here



Meet The Team

Dylan Stiegemeier

I started this club because it needed to be done. I wanted to do something impactful for the community. This is my best attempt. Please join me and lets have some fun.

Aasa Burlin

My lovely wife. Lots of support and been on and passionate about the Teddy Project from the get go. You know the tag line: How Do YOU Teddy? That was hers!

Austin Stiegemeier

Special thanks to Austin for the artwork of Teddy. The Original Hipster piece really helped to kick off the project!

Ali Koski

Thank you Ali for allowing me to use your print shop, spill ink everywhere, and for putting together all the cool Teddy images from magnets, business cards, and shirts!

Leejay Junker

Special thanks to Leejay for turning my brothers image into an image that was easy to screen print. As he says "It is MONEY"

Kevin Ott

Special thanks to Kevin for patrolling NIC Beach and Tubbs and picking up the trash every week. He was the first Teddy to take his flag and post a picture to Facebook. Keep up the good work Kevin!

Chad Warren

Thanks to Chad for having his daughter organize the first Teddy Clean-up! Keep them coming!

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