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Contents of a Teddy Package
How do you Teddy?
September 29, 2015

How do you Teddy?

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So I got a couple of Teddy Packages in the mail that I had promised to get out long ago. It is hard trying to create your own organization from nothing while working all the time but we keep on, keeping on. Really it is a lot of fun. Mostly, every time I send out a Teddy Package I am excited to see how the individuals will use their flag, patch, and shirt.

My wife came up with the tagline, HOW DO YOU TEDDY? and that is really what I hope happens is that people take the idea and start to run with it. I use my flag to go to my favorite hiking spots and clean-up all the litter I find along the way. It is always immensely surprising how much litter you can find almost anywhere when you start looking. In Idaho, there always seems to be trash in bunches of places it should not be . . .camping, hunters, and many outdoor users are not the best at Pack it in, Pack it out. Hopefully, The Theodores can help expand this concept to keep our wild places truly wild.

These two packages are going to Marysville, Washington and Boise, Idaho. A small step towards my overall goal of getting a clean-up documented in every state and every country around the world. I need figure out how to put a graphic together so people can see where clean-ups have been done so far. I often think about what will be the last state and last country to fulfill my goal. I am leaning towards N. Korea.

Here is the list of the top of my head of clean-ups completed so far. Idaho, Washington, Montana . . . and one package was mailed to the Netherlands with a Clean-up promised soon. So that is only 47 more states and like 198 countries. Should be easy right. At least we have social media to help with the cause.

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