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Guest blog --Åsa -- Your actions don't matter anyway(?)
November 15, 2019

Guest blog --Åsa -- Your actions don't matter anyway(?)

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We talked trash over coffee at work the other day. And plastics, and cars, and carbon, and mass production over there versus individual efforts to use less disposable straws and plastic grocery bags over here.
On the one hand, of course you should do your part and contribute and be mindful and this that and the other.
On the other hand, why?
Look at China, look at the US, look at Russia. Look at what the industries are doing, and will keep doing, and tell me again to bring my own fabric bag to the grocery store when I buy organic apples, because it will make a difference when stacked up against the umpteenth new Chinese coal-fired power plant.

Yeah. Your actions don’t matter much. Unless you are buying all of Montana. But what is the alternative? Say to hell with all of it and regress to an (even more) wasteful society? I can’t tell the Chinese industry what to do. But I can lead by example and (I wish) tell my kids what to do.

It’s discouraging. But what uphill battle isn’t?

In other news it’s been an intense week with Dylan back in the US and me trying to juggle a busy conference week with single mommy-hood. We’ve had yogurt for dinner more than once. Hair has not always been brushed. Socks have rarely matched. But talking about actions that don’t matter, that stuff definitely doesn’t.

Enjoy your weekend!