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Friday Blog
November 8, 2019

Friday Blog

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No time to write too much this week. I am getting ready to head back to Idaho to try and finish my disseration. We also rented our apartment out on home exchange and so are busy chasing the kids around the in-laws house.

I have been conducting interviews with people about land access issues in Idaho. I will leave you with one of the best quotes so far . . .

“We have to stand together as recreationalists, frankly we have to stand together as public land users” to keep public lands open and accessible. Get involved. Stay active. Keep them clean.

There are efforts to close public access, privatize lands, and put them into hands of people who want to make money. Idaho is an amazing place because of all the accessible undeveloped land. It will only remain that way if people stay active, engaged, and voice their opinions that this is the way the land should remain.