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Guest blog --Åsa--Another week another Friday
October 18, 2019

Guest blog --Åsa--Another week another Friday

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Another week done, another Friday. It is getting cold and dark. Most mornings there’s frost and ice on the ground when I haul the kids to preschool. Those mornings Lou sits in the trailer and points out to Ellie where all Elsa has been.

Dylan is working hard to get everything done for his dissertation. He is also cooking some really delicious vegan food. Pictured is a Pasta Bolognese that was seriously the bomb. If being vegan for these last few weeks has been easy it’s because a) I know it’s almost over, and b) Dylan pretty much shops and cooks for me.

I have followed and then unfollowed some sustainability related Instagram accounts that I thought were interesting and then found to be mostly pretty but sort of pointless. Looking for inspiration I’ve instead found myself annoyed at endless pictures of falling leaves and red apples. And no, the irony is not lost on me as I top this sustainability blog with a photo of my own food. What can you do?

That’s our little bubble. No new postcards from the Teddy postcard exchange this week. But some new accounts created on the website. Dylan is meeting with a German guy interested in the Theodores as I type this. And he has also had interest from a principal up north to come do a thing at a middle school. So there is momentum. And it is really nice to see that even when we are so overwhelmed with other stuff, the Theodores plugs along because there are a lot of people onboard.

Thanks for reading, now go enjoy your Friday!