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Friday guest blog -- Åsa--Cloth diapers and sh*t
September 20, 2019

Friday guest blog -- Åsa--Cloth diapers and sh*t

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When I was pregnant with our first child we debated cloth diapers. Not really, more like decided against them pretty dang quickly. Dylan liked the idea of reusable diapers and suggested we give it a try. I also liked the idea (better for baby, better for the environment, better for wallet, right?) but left it at that. A nice idea.
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely commend anyone and everyone using cloth diapers. But personally I don’t want to deal with that shit. Literally.

As a parent to small children, I fight a constant war of convenient versus healthy/sustainable. And no, of course they are not mutually exclusive. There are plenty of convenient products, snacks, etc. that are healthy and/or environmentally friendly.
But they don’t sell fresh fruit and veggies at most places the kids like to hang, they sell hot dogs and ice cream. Little individually wrapped everything is oh so handy even though I feel like a monster for using them.

I could pack cloth rags and wipes with me and then take them home, wash them and use again. Of course. But I don’t. Once I wipe that snot, banana, mashed potatoes, dirt, oatmeal, sand of their little faces… I don’t need to carry it home and revisit those substances in the laundry room.
So what do I do? How do I try to clean up my act when it comes to icky, sticky, just want to throw it out, baby stuff?

I save the plastic bags from bread, fruit and other groceries and use them for throwing out dirty diapers.
I try to use mostly washable rags at home.
I buy the single serving items and use for trips and days on the go. But get the bigger containers for use at home.

I try not to throw away food and instead think of ways to use leftovers in kid’s meals, lunches, etc.
And, perhaps most importantly, I try to show the kids that this stuff matters.