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1st Teddy Presentation In Public School
October 1, 2015

1st Teddy Presentation In Public School

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Been pretty productive with The Theodores over the last few days. Even finding time for blog posts. Yesterday I was able to present my project in front of Post Falls Middle School Students. The are doing a project where they have to build a robot and provide an innovative solution for picking up garbage. Their teacher I had met while organizing stuff for my Eat Smart Idaho Job. At the end of the meeting I started telling her about The Theodores, and she asked if I could come present my project.

It was neat. The kids were really receptive and engaged. I explained to them how people in the United States consume way more resources than other people around the world. I stressed that if all 6 billion people around the world were to consume the resources that the United States does the world probably could not function. I told them I would get them Teddy Flags for their inventions. Hopefully come December there will be 30 robots picking up trash with Teddy Flags!

I also showed them examples of other young people doing and providing innovative solutions for the trash problem. I told them how 8 million tons of trash is making its way to the ocean every year. One little girl responded “oh you are talking about the island of garbage in the ocean.”

Yep the Pacific Garbage Patch. I showed them the The Ocean Clean-up webpage. I talked about how 21 year old Boyan Slat has raised millions of dollars in start up capital to start cleaning the oceans. They were very impressed. So was the teacher. She stated, “kids he is 21 and will be very wealthy.”

Overall I was pleased with how it went. The teacher was excited and so were the kids. However, I left thinking the teacher kind of missed the point of the whole presentation. Hopefully the younger generation got a little more out of it.