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Marker recycling

We collected over 1,100 markers at our school to be recycled instead of being thrown away. Crayola has a program that will pay for the shipping all you have to do is collect the markers and go to their website for a free label and drop it off. The program is called Color Cycle and it is free to sign up.
Posted: 2 years 5 months

Biking to Harbor Town

Biked to watch the world cup and collect trash on the way home. We found so much we ran out of room to carry it.
Posted: 3 years 5 months

4 mile run/clean-up

Ran 4 miles in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. This is teddy #3 on this vacation.
Posted: 3 years 5 months

School wide clean up

We cleaned up garbage around our school and town. This is our 2nd grade class.
Posted: 3 years 6 months

Thanksgiving clean up in Libby

Collected recyclables on our walk in Libby, Montana. We found 35+ cans/bottles on our short 1 mile walk.
Posted: 4 years 4 days

1st grade Teddy in Rathdrum

Hazel and Casey cleaned up around their neighborhood as part of our class challenge. We have had 4 different student clean-ups so far! Keep up the great work!
Posted: 4 years 7 months

1st grade Teddy

Jared cleaned up trash around his neighborhood in Rathdrum, Idaho. The Theodores came to visit Jared's classroom and the very next day he completed the first class teddy!
Posted: 4 years 7 months

Teddy in CDA, idaho

We cleaned up near our house in CDA, ID. We started at Atlas and cleaned up along Kathleen ave. We were only able to clean up 1/4 because our bags and hands were too full. We got a lot of looks and one lady passing us said, "you guys are good people". We only cleaned up one side of the street since there was so much....we will tackle the other side on the next sunny day.
Posted: 4 years 8 months