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Guest Blog -- Åsa Burlin Happening this fall!
August 17, 2019

Guest Blog -- Åsa Burlin Happening this fall!

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Happening this fall

Summer is over. It was really pretty hot and lasted about ten days. Now we’re back in the mid 60s. Dylan is starting a masters program in library science in a few weeks. He is also trying to finish his dissertation. And work part-time. And run the Theodores, of course. I’m going to start working 80% (up from the 50% I have been working since April) as soon as Ellie can go to pre-school. Swedish kids are not allowed in day-cares until they are at least a year old.
So we’re keeping pretty busy. And in trying to help out with the Teddys in a way that feels most natural to me, I offered to be a little more active on the blogging side of things.
When Dylan first started developing the Theodores, which I can hardly even remember when that was… it seems the dialogue (or monologue, I didn’t offer much besides listening and the occasional hmm) and the thinking and the planning and all that had kind of been going on for a long time before the name, the brand and all of that came along.. Anyway, back then I loved the tagline “How do you Teddy?” not only because I came up with it, but because it offered so many options. I still love it. And even though I am all for the worldwide clean-up project, I am no landlocked Robert. I’ve picked up a fair amount of trash, but I don’t get out there every day. Heck, I have two little kids, some days I don’t get out, period. But I am also very passionate about other ways to Teddy.
Instead of the global problem that is garbage and cleaning up (mostly) other people’s trash, I’m going to hone in on ways to clean up my own act. Hoping that blogging about it will keep me on track and hopefully inspire and challenge others to do the same.
So there. Stay tuned. And happy weekend!